Our History.

Learn about Glide Revitalization and how we came to be.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Glide Revitalization, a 501(c)(3), improves community prosperity through:

  • Childcare & Education
  • Disaster Relief & Preparedness
  • Business Growth & Development
  • Reforestation & Recreation
Our Priorities

Our Priorities

  • Building Resiliency and Strength Within Community Members

*Community Education & Training

*Community Library

*Job Resources & Skill Support

*Neighborhood Network

*Resource Awareness

  • Become a Resource Hub for the Community

*Affordable Childcare

*Preparedness & Response Programs

*Technical Career Programs

  • Develop a Community Recreation Area:

*Fitness Trail

*Community Event Space

*Family Walking / Hiking Trails

*Information Board

*Open Gathering Space

  • Fostering Partnerships and Collaborations

*Catholic Charities *PacificCorp

*Douglas Timber Operations *Rotary Club

*Glide Community Center *Rural Fire Departments

*Glide Helping Hands *School District

*Lions Club *UCAN

*Long Term Recovery Group *United Way

*National Parks Service *Western Cascades Recovery Committee

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

We envision a renewed region with resources for economic vitality and sustainability.

Our Values

  • Families & Community
  • Collaboration
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Integrity
  • Natural Resources

Our Timeline


We became Incorporated

February of 2014, we officially filed Articles of Incorporation with the Oregon Secretary of State.


We became a 501C

October of 2017, we officially became a 501C, we are non-profit status.


September 8th, 2020 the Archie Creek Fire started. The fire affected 131,542 Acres of land in the North Umpqua Forest. One life was lost and 146 homes were impacted. The entire Glide community was evacuated.


Summer Bash

July of 2021, Glide Revitalization put on a summer bash to give the community a fun summer event as we got close to the one year anniversary of the fire. Many families attended the event. We came together as a community and held each other during this hard time.


Glide Sasquatch Festival

July of 2022, Glide Revitalization put on the first ever Glide Sasquatch Festival to give the community a fun summer event to promote community bonding and economic growth for Glide. Many families attended the event, with cars lined up and down the streets. We came together to celebrate community and that infamous Sasquatch...


Glide Revitalization

We are committing all of our efforts to help the fire survivors return to their pre-fire conditions. Actions are happening on a case by case basis to help each survivor with their needs. We are working hard to help them recover the best that we can while also promoting community and economic growth for Glide.

Archie Creek Fire

Thank you Firefighters and Neighbors!