Dan Newton

I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Glide Revitalization on the reforestation of forests following the Archie Creek Fire, one of the very large and catastrophic Labor Day 2020 wildfires that devastated more than 100,000 acres in Douglas County, Oregon east of Glide, along with many people who lost their homes and belongings. I have personally seen the impact on both the forest and on the personal side as I have worked as a forestry consultant for Glide Revitalization and the impacted landowners. During the seven months I have worked with Glide Revitalization, I have come to both appreciate and respect what they are doing to help impacted landowners get back on their feet while at the same time restoring the burned landscape. I believe in their vision, and respect the approach they are using to accomplish their goals.

Ron and Sherry Murphy

We very much want to thank Glide Revitalization. Our lives were devastated by the effects of the Archie Creek Fire. Glide Revitalization was able to meet many needs that our insurance did not cover. They were essential in our ability to live on our property. Alison, Katlyn and Steve were so supportive and helpful. We also would like to thank all of the donors that made this wonderful program possible.

Alton L. Priest Jr.

I would like to thank Glide Revitalization especially Kendall and DeLana for the help, caring, and taking the time to make me feel that our community is/was involved with my needs. My home burnt in the Archie Fire and if it wasn’t for your organization I wouldn’t have a home that I do today. The follow up and hard work I wouldn’t have been able to be in the position I am today. So again, thank you for all you do!!


Staff kept processes moving through other disaster relief agencies, IE: FEMA when I was unable to function. Staff provided excellent inter agency collaboration when other agencies were not clear of services to deliver. Staff always professional and kind. Glide Revitalization staff & leaders deserve recognition! Thank you for being there.

Barbara & Robert Burruss

Thank you, is such a simple expression for all the amount of work Glide Revitalization committee has done for Bob & I with the loss of our home in the Archie Creek Fire.

Our path was different from most of the victims, as we left very early September 8th for Stanford Hospital with no idea of the fire moving towards our home. Bob was admitted to Stanford Hospital Heart Transplant & LVAD unit September 9th, 2020, the same day we got a phone call that our home was a total loss from the fire.

During the months that followed the fire, I was dealing with everything long distance as Bob was hospitalized for 3 months at first and six hospitalizations since. We needed to relocate to California, near Stanford Hospital because of Bob’s health.

With the help of our neighbors, family, friends & Glide Revitalization we have been able to jump some of the hurdles due to the difficult path we have been on since the fire.

Kendall you have been the highlight of this journey, smoothing out some of the hurdles of living out of state with communicating as to what is needed to move forward with our property. Glide Revitalization has been a blessing & their support has been amazing.

We will miss the wonderful community of Glide & friends. 

When Bob can travel, we would like to thank everyone for your kindness & support.

Forever grateful!


As many in the community experienced, the loss on our property as a result of the Archie Creek fire was complete – 11 acres of timber, our homesite that included a construction business workshop, a letterpress /book arts studio with a 130 year old letterpress, extensive gardens all of which had been constructed and nurtured over a 40 year period. We are in the process of purchasing a new piece of property, not because we do not want to live on our old property but due to recommendations of experts and their consideration that our flat piece of ground bordered by two creeks is considered a hazard zone in light of the potential for flooding and debris flows. So very thankful for the community and the efforts of Glide Revitalization to lend some stability to our lives.

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