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Past Projects

For each of these projects we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity. Different teams have gone out to help build what is needed for survivors. If you are interested in helping with different kinds of projects, please sign up to be a volunteer.

Ramp Build

Firewood Shed Build

A Call to Action

As one survivor put it after her home burned down:

“It’s like you never existed. It’s so destabilizing. You live in complete uncertainty. Your whole identity and life's work is gone in an instant and you don't realize how tied to your home you are until you lose it.” - Archie Creek Fire Survivor

But when communities come together, everything can change for the better.

You have a chance to serve those devastated by the Archie Creek Fire and to strengthen our community for generations to come.

Join our group of volunteers now to restore our people, our places, and preserve our way of life.

Program Spotlight:


In September 2020, the Archie Creek Fire burned more than 131,000 acres along Highway 138. The fire devastated Glide, Oregon, a town of approximately 1,400 people, and the surrounding communities in Douglas County. More than 100 homes were lost in the fire.

Glide Revitalization assisted those who were evacuated and aided families who lost homes by providing basic needs like food, clothing, and temporary shelter to make sure they were safe, sanitary, and secure.

Glide Revitalization continues to work with federal, state, and local agencies to help survivors recover and rebuild. Part of these long-term recovery efforts include significant requests for money, materials, and manpower. Some of the needs require assistance rebuilding homes, repairing or replacing wells, or general help with replanting and reforestation efforts. That is why we need volunteers now more than ever.