Meet the Glide Revitalization Board and Employees

Board Members

Jody Brown – President of Glide Revitalization

Sam Gross – Vice President of Glide Revitalization

Jeana Beam – Treasurer of Glide Revitalization & Interim Secretary

Staff Members

Alison Doty – Executive Director

(541) 430-6100

Business owner, non-profit development and management, volunteer recruitment/retention, disaster preparedness, disaster trainer, case management, construction development, assessor experience, catering.

Rachelle Capone – Community Engagement Director

(541) 671-0405

B.S. in Business Administration, Community Health Worker (CHW), casework experience with youth and elderly populations, advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, program development, community engagement and organizer. 

DeLana Smith – Disaster Case Manager, Community Resource Director

(541) 671-0881

Business owner, educator, coach, non-profit experience, management, catering, construction experience, customer service, receiving and inventory.

Taryn Mayes – Finance Manager

(541) 430-8145

Customer service, clerical, financial services.

Joshua Elwood – Grant Writer

(541) 863-1628

Writer, research development.

Kendall Melvin – Disaster Case Management Supervisor

(541) 671-0189

Experienced case manager and behavioral health specialist, operations supervisor with advanced cash management skills.

Steve Smith – Disaster Case Manager, Project Manager

(541) 425-0050

Client management, store manager, customer service, financial services, disaster preparedness, B.S.- Psychology, martial arts, mountain biker.

Sidnee Smith – Disaster Case Manager, IT Manager

(541) 425-0258

Student, National Guard, food service, business administration, security, social media, software development.