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Our Staff

Jody Brown – President of Glide Revitalization

Sam Gross – Vice President of Glide Revitalization

Jeff Mornarich – Board Member

Alison Doty – Executive Director

(541) 430-6100

Business owner, non-profit development and management, volunteer recruitment/retention, disaster preparedness, disaster trainer, case management, construction development, assessor experience, catering.

Jennifer Doty – Administrative Assistant

(541) 425-0264

Reception, clerical, software assistance.

DeLana Smith – Community Development Director

(541) 671-0881

Business owner, educator, coach, non-profit experience, management, catering, construction experience, customer service, receiving and inventory.

Ashton Olson – Community Development Coordinator

(541) 671-0866

Instructor, community organizer, disaster preparedness, dance instructor.

Sidnee Smith – Community Outreach & Program Specialist

(541) 425-0258

Student, National Guard, food service, business administration, security, social media, software development.

Rachelle Capone – Disaster Construction & Volunteer Coordinator

(541) 671-0405

Case management, volunteer coordinator.

Steve Smith – Disaster Construction & Volunteer Coordinator

(541) 425-0050

Client management, store manager, customer service, financial services, disaster preparedness, B.S.- Psychology, martial arts, mountain biker.

Taryn Mayes – Disaster Case Manager

(541) 430-8145

Customer service, clerical, financial services.

Joshua Elwood – Grant Writer

(541) 863-1628

Writer, research development.